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Sharing A Charter

Having trouble organizing a full charter?

We have the perfect solution; this program was designed for everybody, no more failed attempts to go on a fishing adventure.

Call today to see if somebody has started building a crew for the location you want to fish, join the team, or maybe start your own.

Building A Crew - $125 per Person

If you are the first person to book a shared charter for any of the three locations, your name will be put on the calendar.

It is now booked in your name, next person that calls for the same location will join your crew and be added to the trip.

We will keep adding names, until your charter is filled.

If for some reason, we are unable to fill the boat for your date, we will issue you a refund.

We are offering six hour charters for this program.

Maximum of five passengers allowed.

Each person has to pay in full to be added to the calendar.

All our same rules, regulations and refund policies will be applied for shared charters.

Are you ready for your chance of a Lifetime?