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Hudson River

Top Quality Striped Bass / Rockfish Migration Fishing at it Best!

The Hudson is a 325 mile tidal river that runs through the eastern portion of New York State, the tide can rise and fall as much as five feet, thanks to effective management, populations of striped bass, also known as rock fish, are on the rebound, drawing thousands of anglers to the Hudson each spring.

Stripers enter the Hudson River in late March and early April and can remain until sometime in June, they follow and feed on river herring as they migrate up the river to spawn.

I feel that the fish will always be near deep water, as the season progresses they will frequent the shallows more often, but they will always be relatively close to a quick sprint to the depths.

The Hot Spots…The section of River that we will concentrate on is from the ledges in Malden area to the esopus flats, Sailing daily from Jeff’s Yacht Haven in Connelly New York will give us the distinct advantage of being right in the middle of these prime locations, with a short run to the fish, this area is a breeding ground for the very big females, better known as cows, very scenic with breathtaking views.

With numerous tournament wins Captain Steve has proven the fish will navigate certain routes year after year, the larger spawning females will follow the main river channel to seek out and use the numerous flats, shoals, and ledges to ambush and gorge on the river herring.

Over the last decade it has been well documented that the areas we will be targeting have produced most of the records, hailed as a sign that the biggest stripers will return to their favorite haunts for many generations to come.

Striped bass is a highly prized species, many recreational fishermen consider it to be one of the most exciting and challenging fish to catch.

No fishing license is required to fish on the Hudson River, however registration is required. New York State has set up a free Recreational Marine Registry.

We provide six and eight hour trips to accommodate your needs. The areas we will target give meaning to the name sportsman paradise. When you are doing your research take a look in our media gallery at some of the trophy stripers. Please give us a chance to show you the techniques and locations that have resulted in us landing countless trophy stripers in the 30 to 50 pound range.

Our main priority is your safety. Trip cancellation due to hazardous weather is at the discretion of the Captain. A full refund of your deposit will be made or the trip may be rescheduled to a mutually agreed upon date.

Are you ready for your chance of a Lifetime?