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Lake Ontario

Come experience Lady O. and some of the best fresh water fishing in the World!

What makes Lake Ontario fishing so attractive to anglers is the wonderful bounty the lake offers up, the unspoiled beauty of 712 miles of shoreline is some of the most picturesque you will ever enjoy. With a length of 193 miles, 53 miles wide, and an average depth of 283 feet deep, the opportunities are endless.

When - Where - How

Midway through June is usually when the rod bending Chinooks and Coho Salmon will start to stage a few miles offshore, as the season progresses, they will appear schooled up in absolute staggering numbers.

In this freshwater playground, anglers can expect to catch mind boggling numbers of fish, it’s the reason scores of families have made this well renowned place their annual vacation.

Big Salmon will usually always fall victim to the Attomik flies; add a spin doctor attractor and you have the perfect combination, color choices will be the key; greens, and chromes are a must have, but it is worth experimenting everyday until you find what the fish want.

Lake Ontario records

• New York State Record Chinook 47 lbs 12oz

• New York State Record Brown Trout 33 lbs 2 oz

• New York State Record Steel Head 31 lbs 3 oz

• New York State Record Coho Salmon 33 lbs 7oz

Spoons also score well, implementing them into the spread has long been popular with slider and cheater, techniques, Magnums are usually consistent, again green and chrome colors will usually be the staple.

Come and see for yourself, what all the fuss is about and why so many people come from all over the world to enjoy this magnificent fishery. The species on the list that we will be targeting includes three types of Salmon; the Coho, Chinook (Kings) and Atlantic, coupled with two types of trout, Lakers and Browns, along with the mighty Steelhead.

We provide six, eight, and ten hour trips to accommodate your needs. We will use the same tackle and techniques that have resulted in us landing countless trophy Salmon, Browns & Lake Trout. If you are a thrill seeker who wants to land the big one or just someone that enjoys a weekend fishing trip, a Lake Ontario charter could be just the perfect get away.

We are now departing from Mexico, NY.

Our main priority is your safety. Trip cancellation due to hazardous weather is at the discretion of the Captain. A full refund of your deposit will be made or the trip may be rescheduled to a mutually agreed upon date.

Are you ready for your chance of a Lifetime?